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Capital Times  5-Sep-2001 

In the highly competitive medium of the internet, it is very nice to be noticed and praised for your work.

Come on, get with it

Four hundred and twenty nine million people access the web on a regular basis. This generates $38 billion dollars in the US alone. To bring it closer to home, Kiwis logged on 1,689,515 times in June this year www.nielsen-netratings.com . If you haven't hooked up to the web, why not and what are you going to do about it? If you own a business, why aren't you advertising there?

The common reason I've heard for not having a page, is that webpage design is expensive. This can be true but remember the old adage - sometimes you have to spend money to make money. The cost of design can seem quite extravagant, (someone I know was recently quoted $10,000), so it pays to shop around. Having worked on some basic web pages, I can tell you there's a lot of work involved even on basic sites, hence the price.

Here are some of Wellingtons site builders I liked, - I have no rational for choosing them other than my own biased opinion. And I should add that I have no connection with any of these firms, I have chosen them randomly 'out of the phone book' on the basis that I like what they do. There are more to choose from.

Wildrooster www.wildrooster.com - their designs are simple, clear and easy to follow. More importantly, they avoid what I consider to be 'evil' Flash intros. They use plain backgrounds and make their buttons 'roll-overs', giving it that interactive feel. They're obviously working on that old adage that simplicity is best. What I really liked was the psychedelic rooster. They won the Golden Web goldenwebawards.com for their

Lascom NZ site lascom.net.nz.

Hyperactive New Media www.hyperactive.co.nz have designs that are dark and sleek and, at the risk of confirming my cyber-geek status, somewhat sexy.

Check out www.soundsNZ.com, for which they also won an award (Netguide Web Awards 2000). I like Hyperactive even if they do use Flash intros. They are everything I want my sites to look like when they grow up! Their links are clear and concise and they keep the same template throughout making the site easy to navigate.

Maupuia.com www.maupuia.com use bold bright vibrant colours. often with kiwi themes - ferns, koru etc -- which is everything a kiwi site design should have. They do have a passion for the colour orange. As their skills have developed so have their sites. An example is the 'Children's Health Camps' site www.healthcamps.org.nz. Once more their sites follow templates so are easy to navigate.


Things to Look for in website design:

Theme - do the pages tie together?; Navigability - is it easy to navigate?; Appeal - does it appeal to you? If it doesn't will it appeal to others? Will it keep your audience's interest long enough to sell your product? Remember the only way to check out a website designer is to check out their pages, assuming that price is no object.


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