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Make This One Change To Your Web Page 
...and Double and Triple Your Sales 

by Keller Flynn 

Are you getting visitors to your web site but nobody wants to buy? Do people come to your site once, but never return? I've got a simple change you can make to your opening web page that can quickly turn your luck around. 

By far the biggest reason most web sites don't sell as much as they could is due to a single problem. The words on their opening page don't do their job. 

On the Web, you only get a few seconds to grab new visitors and keep them. If the wording on your opening page is falling down on the job, no one will stick around long enough to buy. Your site is finished before it even gets started. 

Over and over again, everywhere I go on the Web, I see sites that are shooting themselves in the foot. The opening page has too little information to hold a visitor. Or the opening page has plenty of information, but it is too hard to make heads or tails of. Or the opening page has too much information, so much that new visitors get lost. 

Given the few seconds visitors spend on a new site, they just don't have time to carefully study a site's copy to figure out what the owner intends for them. Your copy needs to IMMEDIATELY hit visitors squarely between the eyes. 

Here's how to do it: 

Distill what you have to offer down to your most popular and powerful product or service. Don't throw a whole selection of products at new visitors. Just give them one good one they can sink their teeth into. 

Next figure out the one most powerful advantage your product or service gives customers. Also think about what kinds of visitors are most likely to buy. Once you have these two things in mind, you're ready change your copy so it grabs visitors and makes them buy. 

Give Your Page a Headline 
Start your page with a headline in big type. Begin your sentence with an action word. Look at the title of this article. "Make this one change to your web page and double and triple your sales." 

I don't say "here are 27 ways," I just promise you one. Then I give you a powerful benefit this change can bring. Do you want to double and triple your sales? Absolutely. Most people continue to read the article. 

he same principle works for your opening web page. A big, fat, exciting headline is quick and easy to read. It pulls people into the copy that follows it. 

Feel The Reader's Pain 
People only buy when they feel you can solve a problem that is causing them pain. People want to save money, save time, get a life, feel sexier, and more. 

Don't follow your headline with a diatribe on how good your product is. Instead, talk about the thing readers care about most. Make your copy describe a problem the reader has. Tell how the problem affects the reader's life. Show the reader how the problem will get worse, much worse, over time if it is not fixed. 

Now Dole Out The Medicine 
Present your product or service as the solution to the customer's problem. Describe its most important features, then connect them with the benefits they will bring. 

Most of your customers don't automatically understand how your product's great features can help them. You have to describe the benefits. It helps to give real life examples of how the feature helps people. 

Try not to bury your reader in features. If you have more than three, list them in bulleted form. Bullets help readers digest a batch of related points. 

Trot Out The Raves 
Next is a good time to add several enthusiastic testimonials from satisfied customers. Have the customer talk about how she got the results you promised in your benefits section. 

If your product will save the customer time and hassles, have a real life customer talk about how he now has time to go to his son's baseball games...now that he can get work finished faster. 

If your product or service is new, have several people try it, then give you their comments. Most people are delighted to help, especially if they know you will be publishing their opinions. 

Tell Them HOW TO BUY 
This is the one thing so many sites miss. Give people a big order button they can't miss. Make it easy for them to buy. 

Easy ordering should include information on how customers can contact you. Include your email address (which you check often), your phone number, and your physical location. Also include your guarantee if you have one. 

Let customers know how long it will take for you to deliver the product or service. And be sure to tell them how much extra shipping and handling will cost. Stating these things right up front helps customers make a decision to buy, NOW. 

Make these changes to your opening web page today. This improvement is the one thing that can turn your sales around immediately. I've seen sites double and triple their sales after we put this changes in place. One man called to say his sales went up "ten fold" within a couple of days. 


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