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Logo Costs.

Do you always buy the cheapest wine ?

Do you believe that cubic zirconia's are better than diamonds ?

Do you believe that success is only luck ?

If you answered no to all of these questions please read on.

If you answered yes to any of them, buy your logo here - budget logos

You should not invest less than NZ$500 - (US$200) in your brand or logo. currency converter

We are not brave enough to put an upper limit on what your logo is worth. That depends very much on your expectations of success.

Clearly you should expect value for your investment and that can be measured in the preparation and market research undertaken in the concept of your brand.

Your logo must be:






Able to promote your business

Something that you and those involved in your organisation will be proud of.

Your logo will add value to your business. How much value?

That will depend on the success of your business.

Just like the clothes that you wear, the car that you drive, the way that you speak - your logo will say to others something about you.

What do you want to say ?

If you are still interested, please email me logos@wildrooster.com 


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