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Hosted by wildrooster ( see hosting plans ) $24.95/month.

Customised to suit your companies image and structure.

Interactive components and/or animation.

Personalised and unique graphics and layout.

Password protected and secure areas.

E-commerce facilities.

Web forms.

Search engine submission.

Marketing and search engine optimizing.

Examples :







Each client will have specific and different requirements, all effecting the eventual build cost of their websites.

Costs will vary, depending on customised graphics content or interactive components, such as web forms, database and e-commerce features.

See our options page.

Larger sites are usually more successful because viewers and search engines are attracted by content. $ = content = traffic = business = $

Pricing Guide :- $3,000 to $8,000

Typically between 20 and 100 pages.

Regular updates and modifications to your site can be arranged at $60 per hour.

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars and exclude GST.    currency converter

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