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We have a range of options and plans to suit your individual requirements.

See some of our sites here - portfolio

Small business website  more details

Ideal for a small to medium sized business with almost unlimited possibilities.

example :  


Medium to large business website  more details

The mega site for those who want to explore more of the internets possibilities. E-Commerce solutions, web forms, animation, web traffic marketing, secure areas, data integration etc.

example :


Guidelines to help you choose the type of website that best fits your business.

Options that affect the cost & complexity of your web site

There are many companies offering Web development services, so what makes Wildrooster any different?


At Wildrooster we are experienced in all forms of Web development. We understand the technology, understand the internet, and are able to keep up to date with the constant changes happening in the industry.


The "interactive" bits of a website generally use programming in a scripting language which requires specialized skills.

There's more -

It can be a simple exercise to create a few web pages to put on the internet, but that does not ensure that the site will receive any visitors. A new site must be submitted to Search Engines such as Alta Vista and Yahoo, it will not appear on a search list by magic. Once submitted, the Search Engines scan the site for words which are relevant as search keywords. At Wildrooster, we have some tips and tricks to ensure your site has lots of keywords, both hidden and visible, that the Search Engine can pick up. In addition we can provide "gateway" pages that attract search engines and redirect viewers to your site. This will help to improve your ranking in the search results lists. After all, the higher on the list your site is, the more visitors your site will get.

We'll help you to make sure your customers can find you on the Web!

Ensuring that your customers see what you want them to see :-

There are 2 major Internet Browsers - Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Netscape’s Navigator. There are others, but these are the most popular, with over 98% of the browser market. The different browsers support different technologies; pages which work beautifully on Internet Explorer may not work at all on Netscape.

At wildrooster, we have both of the major browsers, so we test a new site to ensure everything works how it should. In addition, we will also test a new site on different screen resolutions to make sure that your customers will see the site just as you intended them to see it, regardless of their browser or screen size.



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