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Yahoo Sells Out To Commercial Pressure
November 14, 2001

Leading online portal site Yahoo! has yielded to commercial pressure and opted to include paid positioning in its search-engine results.

Yahoo will initially be using the services of Overture (formerly GoTo.com) to provide the paid listings while it sorts out its own sales structure to sell the service directly to customers.

A number of leading search engines, including AltaVista, have opted for the paid positioning model in their attempts to lift their bottom lines as funding and revenues continue to tighten.

Unfortunately for Yahoo, the experience of others who have forsaken accuracy for commercial expedience would tend to indicate that users are less than impressed.

The massive success of Google.com, a relatively new a entrant to the search-engine arena has been largely attributed to its very conservative attitude to commercialism.

 Many web-users, tired of endless banners and growing amounts of paid placements in search results have switched to Google's accurate and comprehensive service in protest.

This move on the part of Yahoo is just the latest in the company's attempts to compensate for falling ad revenues in a depressed market.


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